Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Ok I am looking at that picture of me and well I think it should be changed as I am not 26 anymore....well actually I was 32 when that was
but hey I now have tri coloured hair and a metal ball just under my that really doesn't look like me......ya think. I will put up one of T-Man and I for now and then get a good one of me now and post it later.

So, yup I am still around....hee hee. Just busy and not so busy (guess you would call that lazy).....LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good news though....I have been accepted for CPP Disablility, so that means I am considered disabled (not that that is good), but they will pay me while I am off work. AND the Long Term Disability company that was paying, will continue to pay me to top up what I have been getting all along. So that is good. Either is win win.

So this is going to be short and sweet. I just wanted to pop in and say chello...hee hee
Glad to see you all.....ok some of ya (so far!) Ciao for now!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have been busy I Yes lots has happened over the summer and now with school it is still busy. Actually it isn't but when it is. To friends daughter recovered and is doing fine. She is still my sweetheart. The kids are doing well in school (so far...hee hee) and I am still a part of the PAC. I started out as the secretary this year and have now taken over the Hot Lunch Coordinator position. It is something new and I look forward to the challenge. It was very funny how it came to be as I prayed to God each day to show me if that is what I was to do (it was between me and another lady) and finally the day before the vote, I told the chairperson that I was going to continue on as the secretary. Not 5 mins after that, I was told the other lady stepped down due to her going back to school and not being able to commit to the program (though she would still be able to help). Boy, God sure did make sure I was shown how he felt about me making up my mind....hee hee. I knew he would. :o)
So other than that, there really isn't much more going on. We have bought a new van as the car has decided to not really want to start and run for us anymore.....hmmmmmm I wonder if it could have anything to do with the time I jumped her over the railroad tracks.....oooops?!!!
She needs a break and if things go well and if God has this plan for her, then we are going to talk to a fellow church friend and see if he can fix her up and possibly give her to a single mom or family who needs a car. Everyone would benefit....especially those who need the vehicle.
I am still with Paper Posicles and want to pass on this to you all before I sign - our very own Sheila has started her own stamp making (at the beginning of this blog) and is selling them and you can get them at Paper Popsicles.....and two- check out the latest and greatest from Paper Popsicles.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

These kits are going to go fast and I mean fast. When Melissa posted them on the website....I was in heaven knowing that I subscribe for both the kits.
Here is how it works:
The Monthly Scrapbook Club offers you two completely different Scrapbook Kits every month to choose from for the low price of $25.00. (can you believe it.....$
If you can't decide on one Kit try the Colossal Kit Subscription for $45.00 and you will receive both Monthly Club Kits.
Choose your Kit and choose the subscription that works best for you with a 3, 6, or 12 .
All Club Subscriptions ship FREE in the U.S.
Now are you ready to see what you will be missing if you don't get over there now?????



Sunday, July 29, 2007



I have been busy with hanging out with the kids and doing layouts and just being lazy. Right now I am watching Big Brother 8. They are doing the nominations tonight. Looks like Jen and Kail have been nominated.
I am starting the movie Snakes on a Plane....I had rented it awhile ago but haven't watched it yet and Rogers wants their movies I am so bad for not returning movies on time...Bad Dustanne.
Today we went to church and I taught Sunday was a lot of fun. One of the little ones was a little upset and she clung to me and I got to hold her for the remainder of Sunday School. Such a sweet was her first time. We then went to White Rock and hung out on the beach with others from the church and the kids played in the sand and water and just all out had fun.
I got to have my oldest Sean for the evening yesterday and overnight and today. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is 13 and boy has he grown....he is almost as tall as me and his voice is so he has that squeeky kinda deep voice. I like it :o)
Last night we went and saw a movie together (Pirates 3)...I thought it was ok but not as good as the first two. Today he helped out in Sunday School and then came with us to White Rock. He got bored, but before we left we told him to pick something at the store that he would like to do and he said he would be fine...heck he didn't even want to try boogie boarding at the beach. He just wanted to I guess I could understand why....we didn't get in till almost 2 am last night and prob went to sleep at 2:30 am and then we were up for sure at 9:30am this morning. He is definately not used to that. We dropped him off at his dad's and next weekend will pick him up again. We are either going to the Agri Fair or the PNE....haven't decided yet. I can't do the rides as my equilibrium is shot and it makes me sick to my stomach. Could be the meds I am on as well.
I am having a great time on the DT at Paper Popsicles. We have a good team and everyone is so friendly. Our weekend crop went well and I can't wait for the next one next month.
I am gonna sign off for now and watch the movie.....and who knows maybe work on the July Contest - Create one layout of any size (using the Yankee Doodle Theme Pack) and send it to before July 31st. Winner receives a Theme Pack of their choice.
The weekly challenge is starting again on August 5th. Congrats to July's winner who won some Heidi Swap goodies!!!!!
Check it out..... :o)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

WHEN: Friday July 20th/07 6 pm EST till Saturday 11 pm EST (pending)
WHY?: To celebrate CHA!!!!!
Our boss is gone for the weekend to attend CHA and we figured it would be the best time to throw a PARTY!!!!!
So please join us for some good prizes, challenges, games, people, chatting, scrapping and most of all, FUN!!!!!
See you there!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Well bout time I showed

So guess what????? I did try out for the Paper Popsicles Design Team and I MADE IT!!!
So excited.
Melissa (the owner) has ROCKIN' kits, and theme packs!!!!! They are great and superbly priced!
Right now there is a monthly contest going on and the winner will receive a theme pack of their choice.
Melissa also puts up weekly challenges for the members. This weeks challenge is to do a monochromatic layout in green. I have yet to do mine, but I will get on it soon.Last weeks challenge was to use 16 photos on our layout and I didn't get that one in, but others did and the layouts were AWESOME!!!!!
Here are the first weeks challenge (black and white layouts) that I did.

Friday, July 06, 2007

hey there people!!!!

Ok update for you all, but first a thank you for your prayers and thoughts. My dear girl is not out of the woods yet as the doctor puts it but has been able to 'p' on her own. This was as of a couple days ago. I am going to see her tonight with my daughter.
She is close to the possibility of having a blood transfusion. Her hemoglobin is really low.
So there is the update for now, and I will let you know more after I go there tonight.

Thought I would show a couple of things I did awhile back. Hubby filled them with candy and gave them as gifts to a couple of ladies who helped out at work.

Saturday, June 30, 2007


Ok so Thursday was not clean the house day it was sit in the hospital with my dd and get some answers....well it was gasintenstinal virus...but her iron was good and her white blood cell count was down. So she was in good health...just need to keep an eye on her. (I actually typed 'i'
So I will update you more on the Saturday night out as I have a little task for yas...hee hee

Anyh0w, on to this week past...and here goes (sniff sniff)
I tell you, when it rains it pours.
Monday I didn't see my dd's friend at school and on Tuesday I didn't see her so I asked the teacher where she is (this little girl calls me her second mom, and I taught her how to ride a bike) The teacher said she is in the hospital with rectum bleeding. So that night I made tons of phone calls and Wednesday I went to the hospital and saw her. Oh she looked so thin and pale in that bed. She smiled a bit when I saw her. As I was there they found out it was E-coli and that because they hadn't caught it soon enough her kidneys were starting to shut they were rushing her code 3 by ambulance to Children's Hospital. So later that night we went to children's and saw her. I had taken dd...and they chatted up a storm. But while there we found out her kidneys had shut down and she was due for surgery. Last night she started acting strangely and we were worried about bleeding on the brain. We found out later it was a reaction to the morphine.
I am stressed and exhausted. I continually pray for my little girl.....she is the oldest of 2. Her mom is my good friend and it hurts to see her this way.
I will keep you posted, but please understand if I am not on as much this week.....we are hoping the cathater dialysis will work and her kidneys will start functioning again....if not then it is blood transfusion, dialysis and possibly transplant....which I along with her mom, grandpa are a match (RH -)
Those who pray...please pray for her, those who think often :) please think of her.
So this weekend since last night I am home alone with all my animals plus my little girls hamster Noel. Hubby and the kids have gone to his mom's with his brother to help with some siding or whatnot. I am guessing them to be home Monday afternoon. I have so far cleaned the kitchen, my son's room and will do my daughters tomorrow. Whether or not I will wash the walls I am not sure. I am doing laundry as well. I tell you when I am upset, I clean like a maniac. Scary but true....better than eating I guess.
Well I am off, time to eat something....will keep you all posted.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hey there, the tired ole lady is

So I am here and helping T-man spell I am a Believer. He is writing in a book of mine but thankfully I can rip it out...LOL
So not much is happening though this week has been busy for me and today is the last day of
Monday was Counting Hot Lunch Money with the Hot Lunch Co-ordinater and some other ladies from PAC and volunteers. Then we had to tally the lunch orders and also had to figure out the sandwiches as some were Turkey and some were Ham, but they all had different topings....LOL
Tuesday was a PAC meeting and then a pot luck lunch at the fundraisers home as an appreciation lunch for us Executive members and some volunteers.
Today (Wednesday) home with the kids (little and back pain and then at 1:30 to the school with the kids for a volunteer lunch appreciation. Yay more goodies for me....ha ha
I think next week is my start at the gym week.
Thursday and Friday will be clean the house day as we have a sitter coming over on Saturday as we are going to the PUB with the Hot Lunch lady and her hubby. Should be fun.
So I am going to dable more in digital scrapbooking. No I am not giving up regular scrapbooking...I love it too much. I just love what you can do with digital scrapbooking and I would love love love to learn how to make digital kits etc. I would love to share stuff like that. Everyone who does their own kits etc., oh my what beautiful things they do. Yup I want to do what they do....hee hee
So I joined two digital sites, but one of them is Canadian and is very friendly...Digital Candy So pretty in pink...very pretty in pink hee hee The other one is Divine Digital I haven't spent much time there, but shall check it out. :o)

So other than PAC and the kids...things are good. I have scrapped a page or two and did one last night for Lucy's Sketch World as I am a sketch diva, but forgot to send it to her....once she loads the sketch I will put up the layout. I love the sketch and the layout....very much.
Ever need a sketch....check her out.

I think once I start doing more digital layouts I am going to start a digital blog....this way I can keep them seperate...but I will be sure to link the two...oh yuppers :o)
Well I am going to sign off for now and ensure that I pop on later.
Ciao for now

Oh ya here is a layout I did for Lucy last week

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Digital Scrapbooking - Freebies

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Digital Scrapbooking - Freebies

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Digital Scrapbooking - Freebies

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Sunday, June 10, 2007

You Are 84% A Child of the 80s

There's hardly a moment of the 80s that you missed out on.
Was there ever a better decade? As if!
proves em all right...I am a child an 80's
I go to church this morning and then I come home after church and do some stuff at one of the message boards I am part of Paper Popsicles, and then I head to the bedroom to do some reading and take a nap. The kids wake me a couple of times, but I fall right back to sleep, which is (I get cranky if I don't get my So they wake me LOUDLY at 5:30 pm saying that it is time to get up for the BBQ. BBQ??? I didn't take anything out for dinner I tell them, and they the church. Can anyone say DUH!!!!!!!
I signed us up for the Vision 220 going on at the church tonight. It costs $1 per person and you get dinner and dessert, plus daycare...ok where are you going to find an offer better than that????? So I got up and got dressed (I had put my jammies on when we got home after and then off we went. We had hamburgers and veggies for dinner (kids had hotdogs) and watermelon for dessert - as much as you could eat until it was all gone. Can anyone say AWESOME!!!!! Grilled burgers at that!!! With all the fixins.
The messages were about Families, and Faith. It was great. I really enjoyed it. We are going to sign up for the next one as well.
On to something else...
I check all the critters in the house and ensure that they are watered and fed. Yup, some needed food, some water, but over all, everyone is good. A couple of cages need to be cleaned tomorrow, no big just add that to the long list of chores I have tomorrow...the biggest of course is laundry...gotta get it sorted and folded so I can go thru it and get rid of those clothes that don't fit as Big Brothers are coming Tuesday Morning to pick it up and it has to be outside the front door first thing in the morning. So anyhow...I check on the Black Bear she is female...T-Man named her....he thinks (ok demands) she is a
So there Bob is, just coming down from her extension of her know those Habitrails (here is the one we have
We also have the safari one, so I switch between the two. So Bob comes down from her 'loft' and that is good cause her loft is looking NASTY. So I take it off and put on a 'top' on the open hole so she can't get out. So as I am emptying the 'nasties' into the garbage and taking it to the bathroom to clean it...I am questioning myself...Why do these critters pack their cheeks so full of food to bring it to the place where they sleep? And not only that, why do they DO THEIR BUSINESS in the area where they not only sleep.....but eat???? This is really stumping So if you have any idea or an answer to my question...please please enlighten me. I mean I have litter trained my bunny and still if the litter box isn't in the pen....she doesn't crap near her bed or food....she picks a corner.....COME ON!!!!!! I seriously thought females were so much cleaner????? LOL LOL
Well that about does it for me tonight...ok today as it is now quarter past midnight here, and my book is calling along with the flyers that I have just pulled from the weekend papers.
Hope everyone had a wonderful and eventful weekend. I also hope it was dry and no flooding involved.
Ciao.....Tami girl....where you be?

Saturday, June 09, 2007


You Are 56% Happy

You're definitely a happy person, even though you have your down moments.
You tend to get the most out of life, though there's always some more happiness to be squeezed.

You Are: 40% Dog, 60% Cat

You and cats have a lot in common.
You're both smart and in charge - with a good amount of attitude.
However, you do have a very playful side that occasionally comes out!

I forgot to mention that the layout I posted recently is based on a scrap lift.....not totally, but I got the idea from a friend Shelley. She is a ROCKIN' scapper!!!!!!

You should also check out Paper Popsicles is having a DT Call....Deadline is July 6th. I am going to try out. Once I do some layouts and get them in, that I won't be able to share them for awhile if I am chosen. If I am not chosen, I will put them up here right away.

Not much is happening today...the SPCA clean up I was going to do was cancelled (sad I am). So since it looked like rain I stayed home instead of going to the church to help with the carwash.

Hubby was up at 4:30 am and went fishing...I was up at 4 am...insomnia so I read for awhile and then around 5:30 am napped until 6 am when T-Man got up and then napped a bit till 7:30 am when Nana came up to read to me. I went to bed around Midnight, so I am feeling a bit tired. I am sure a nap is in my future....and some scrapbooking....cause I have the itch and need to scratch it. I haven't scratched it in a long time.

So I am going to sign off and leave ya with a couple more layouts....thanks for checkin' em out.


Sorry it is crooked......

This one is based on a sketch I believe.....I lost my notes...grrrrr was based on a recipe can check that out here

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Well another day and more

It seems to have stopped so that is good.

So today is Hump Day. At least I know what is on tv tonight - Canada's Next Top Model.

Oh and of course at 5 pm it is Law and Order - CI and then at 7 pm is Law and Order - SVU

Criminal Minds is on but it is repeats....though I don't mind watching

The other night - Monday - MONK was on and there was one part where I spit most of my cereal (my snack) on the dog who was laying at my feet - it was soooooooo funny. I almost peed my pants. I love that show, and his character makes it awesome!!!!!

Ok back...had to make dinner for the family, and then had to eat and then brushed Nana's hair and put it in a pony tail. She has such fine fine hair. Though the rest of us have thick hair. Go

I am going to be doing my minutes from our PAC meeting and Executive meetings.....then I have to go through all the meetings and print them out and have the Chairperson sign them....copy them and hand them out. Then it all starts gain next

We were happy to find out though that it looks like we are getting the Grant from Ronald McDonald house. So we can go forward with the playground plans...yay. Oh and in September we will be raffling off a Wii. One of the teachers won it and she and her hubby don't play so they are donating it to the PAC to raffle off. How cool is that?????

I need to get some scrapping done as I am not doing much to nothing these

I want to apply to be in some mags, DT's, etc. and if I have nothing then what do I

Plus my sketch site is hurting cause I haven't done much with it since I put it up. So I should get on that as well. And Lucy has given us some new sketches for her sketch site, so going to work on those as well. One of them is a 6x12 so that will be so much fun.

I am going to check back and see if I have posted some layouts that I did awhile ago...if not, I will add them here.

But for now, here is a pic of my Nana and I from about 3 years ago. This was taken at our old place in my mom's basement suite.

found the layouts....will show ya one now and save the rest for tomorrow....make ya wanna come back....bwahaaahaaahaaaaaaa

Monday, June 04, 2007

Oh my goodness the heat

The heat, the heat!!!! Will it ever end??????? Are we destined to suffocate in this horrible heat????

Fans, fans, fans....bring me more fans. The ceiling fans, the stand up fans, men who fan.....bring them all!!!!!!!

Yes it has been hot the past week and this weekend. I couldn't tell you how hot, but it was almost 30 on my register thingy. Now seriously, when the heat is on, that is HOT!!!!!! So you can imagine.

So I have been just vegging in front of the tv and just melting. I am so NOT a heat girl.

Hubby went fishing with some of the men from church this past weekend. He had a good time so that was good.

I have not scrapped in a week and a bit. Too friggin hot!!!!!!!

I am going to start though as I am looking to enter for a DT

I have now started two new message is Canadian and the other is the States. The Canadian one is called Scraphoria and the other is called Paper Popsicles. They are great places. Paper Popsicles is brand new and is really neat. The name sounds so cool. Something totally different that heck I wouldn't have thought of. Unique I would say.

So I don't have any thing new to show off today, but I will find something here. Hang tight....but while I am looking, let me go over this with you......

We were watching Go Diego Go and I tell you sometimes that cartoon (along with Dora) just seem so silly. He was supposed to help some animals that got trapped behind some sea coral (though how they did, I will never know). So he goes into his submarie and gets the octopus to help him. So he is telling the octopus how he needs to help the sea animals and asks the octopus for help and could he direct him. Hey of course that octopus says yes, (like what else would he say?)and off they go. BUT before they can really get going, we have to find the octopus in different colours of coral and rock etc. So off we go to do that....yeaaa that was fun....BUT OH NO!!!! the place where the sea animals are trapped is a volcano and it is going to burst....they have to hurry. So off they go again.....BUT OH NO....there are some sharks or something in their the octopus has to ink.....INK OCTOPUS INK.....Yell INK everyone.....INK!!!!!!!!! INK!!!!!!!!!!!!! INK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea we made it thru that ok, BUT OH NO, the volcano is going to blow....they have to hurry!!!!! Off they go, on to save the animals....BUT OH NO!!!! another freaking distraction!!!!! (do you get the idea???? will they ever make it on time???? will the animals be saved??? will the volcano ever blow????? does this story ever end????) To make a long story short, they make it to the animals, the octopus digs a hole into the area the animals are and they all get safe from the.....are you ready for this?????? COLOUR BLOWING VOLCANOS.....they don't explode, and no one would have come to harm, so really they weren't in trouble at all.....except maybe trying to figure out how the heck they got into that friggin predicament so they could get out......LMBO

Oh and Dora.....'where are we going???' 'where are we going????' like heck she asks so many times and is told how to get there so many times, you would figure a girl her age would be able to hold that to memory.....I mean if she doesn't know 3/4 of the way thru the show.....then she doesn't deserve to 'GET THERE' at all. Don't you think???????

Yes....I have issues.....but hey, doesn't everyone???? Hee hee

Ok I shall find a pic for ya to share. Hope all is well where you are all from.


not sure where I got this or where it comes from......but hey, so true! LOL

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here I am......a few days late, I

I just checked out a couple new sites that were mentioned in another blog and they are having a contest and one of the prizes is a blog header and another prize is some brazilian goodie box or a $20 gift certificate to Doesn't that sound awesome????? Ahhhhh ya!!!!!!!!!1

One of the blogs is called Mama's Coffee Corner and the other is called RS Designs. I suggest you check them out as the contest ends on the 24th of May 2007. So rush on over don't walk.....RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Milly and I are sitting here on the mat watching NCIS. You remember Milly don't ya????

Yup this be lazy dog. LOL
Hubby is of course is out fishing....I mean what else would he be out doing???? He is more addicted to fishing than I am to scrapbooking. Scary huh?!!! He gave me the lovely talk about how the weather is going to get worse and since today was such a lovely day, this was his only chance. Such a wonderful guy....hey at least he did the dishes (well most of them) and took out the recycling...missed the garbage as I just couldn't stand waiting for him anymore.
So he should be back by or before dusk. In the meantime, I have been arguing with the kids about taking a bath and they just won't do it. Daddy told them that they had to, but they just aren't going for it. T-Man should be right in there as he has been having as he says 'squirty poo' all day that he has gone thru about 3 pairs of undies and about 5 pairs of pants. Now he is walking around NEKKID.....LOL I love that word.
Nana...well she is just plain lazy and well being a girl I just don't get it. When I was younger, I loved having a bath at night. Heck I found excuses to have a bath. The bubbles, the letting your hair flow in the water, the warmth....just being in the tub.
So we have a fly problem here in the house. When I say problem, I mean PROBLEM! I get the fruit flies and they are easy to handle, but now we have these little black flies that fly in one spot during the day (3 different spots) while the others sit on the walls and the ceiling and at night the fliers go and hang with the rest. They are not only in my kitchen, they are in my living room/dining room. Ok, yes I have some little critters, but I keep them clean. The litter box is clean to, but these freakin flies just won't leave....grrrrrrrr. If anyone knows of any type of fly killers or removers other than SPIDERS please let me know. Something natural would be wonderful as I think those fly strips are
Well I haven't done a layout since that last bad is that?????? I just don't have that umph to do it. I need a good kick!
Hey good news though. We had our PAC elections today and I will be the secretary for next year. I think that is cool. LOL I enjoy doing it. Reminds me, I have some minutes to type up. **smiles**
Well not much else to say except Ciao!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Wishing all you mom's out there the best for today....our special day!!!!

We aren't doing much except going to church and then probably hanging out at home. Since it is my day, I am hoping hubby will pretty much let me do what I

So I have been pretty busy with PAC with meetings, counting money, putting raffle tickets together and hot dog day. I can say that I really enjoy doing all the stuff for the school. It is great being on the executive, but that is coming to an end....our May 22nd meeting is voting day, so if anyone else wants to go for any position, there will be a running. I'll let you all know how it goes.

I am running a Garage/Craft Sale at the school on the 26th of May. We are charging $10 to rent a table and we will be having a concession as well. We are hoping for sure for 10 tables as that is $100. With the concession, plus popcorn, we should do well in that area as well.

I am wondering if I want to get a table myself....but I am going to wait and see how many volunteers we have as for right now it is just me and the vice-chair (I think)

So I did the layout according to the sketch for My Sketch World.

I am watching Guarding Tess and it is such a cute movie. The kids are with daddy downstairs watching a movie that is very He has all the channels down there so it is probably a movie on movie central or something. Me, I want to get that thing Shaw has where you can rewind and tape movies for up here.

Well I have posted that layout for you to see and I am off to do some reading and then bedtime.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hey Elle has interviewed me with 5 questions. Here they are...

1) You find a magic toad who will grant you three wishes if you kiss it. What are your three wishes?
2) What would you say is your biggest regret in life if you had one?
3) You are given $2million dollars. The only catch is you have to donate it to three different charities. Which charities would you choose?
4) Your rich uncle dies and leaves his estate to you. The only catch is you have to either sleep in a graveyard for one night, or stand topless on a busy city corner for 15 minutes. Which do you choose?
5) What do you find the most rewarding about being a mom?

So here are my answers....
1) Three wishes??? Only three??? LOL Well I guess the first wish would be for world peace (don't I sound like Miss Beauty Queen) I am so tired of everyone fighting over in Iraq and losing all those soldiers. Peace on earth would just be beautiful.
The second wish would be for my sister in law to be healthy along with her children. She has to have a couple of operations and one nephew has ADHD and the other is Autistic. She has a hard time as it is working and keeping house (hubby is ... well he doesn't do much) and now with the school calling about C (ADHD) and finding out about A (Autistic) well that is a lot on her plate.
My third wish would be for enough money to pay for our cards, the house. That way when we get paid or at least hubby, we can just focus on saving for a new home (house not a town home) and for the kids future.

2)Biggest regret in life???? I like to think that I don't have any regrets, as all mistakes are made as life's lessons. Though I would have to say that I regret that my mother and I don't have the relationship a mother and daughter should have. I could be the bigger person and just buck up and call her and visit and just be a daughter, but it is tough for me. She continually stresses me out and her way of looking at things is not exactly the same as mine. We both have our faults and right now for me, I feel in time, I will be able to be that better person, but as it stands....I have to keep my distance.

3)$2 million dollars to different charities???? This one is easy as I all ready have certain ones that I donate to. The first one is BREAST CANCER....I have a friend who passed away from this and a few others who are battling it still. It is something close to me and I try and support this any time I can. The second one is CHILDRENS HOSPITAL...this is one of the best hospitals and my little nephew was flown to the Vancouver one where he was visited by the Canucks. He fought his hardest and the doctors did their best, but he lost his fight at 2 months old. The third one would be for hmmmmmm.....ok not so easy, as I don't have a third one. I have donated to Cystic Fibrosis, Autism, it is a toss up between those three. I guess now with all the circumstances I would put it towards Autism, therefore more respite homes, research, meds, etc. could be paid for.

4)Rich uncle dies, leaves me his estate....catch is I have to sleep in a graveyard or stand topless on a busy street for 15 mins???? Being a Christian, standing topless on a busy street isn't something that I should do as I would be flaunting myself and people could get into an accident (LOL), though this would have been my first choice. That being said, I would spend the night in the graveyard, provided I had a tent as I hate that dewy feeling in the

Last but not least
5)The most rewarding about being a mom???? Being about to see the joy in their faces when they succeed at something. The constant hugs, the kisses, the 'I love you's', the owies I get to kiss, and the feeling of their tiny hand in mine. As they grow, I know there will be many more that I can mention.

Elle, thank you for the wonderful questions. I had a good time answering them. Made me

If anyone wants to be 'interviewed' I will be happy to give you 5 questions of your own to answer.

For now I am some scrapping and cleaning to do and oh ya......that darned laundry...eeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Tami....lotsa love your way!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I have started a sketch blog and tomorrow is the first day I am uploading a sketch and a layout based on the sketch. Still looking for people to do layouts based on the sketches...hint hint. You can check out the site at I hope that you enjoy it.

Not much is going on. We are going to be bank shopping as we are tired of our current bank provider. Bank of Montreal has just been a pain in our butts. Hubby and I have been customers of theirs for over 15 years and when we apply for a loan or a mortgage they turn us down or give us the least amount of money. I told them that their service for customers is horrible and they are more in tune to help themselves and not the little guy. I want a bank that helps us......not themselves. One that looks out for their customers, and cares about their customers needs.
Anyone know of a good bank????? Now remember that I am in BC Canada.....LOL

Still waiting on a cheque from FMEP.....and I tell you, my ex's payroll person is an idiot. Ok that word is harsh....not thinking straight. She says that she has always paid his child support a month behind. HELLO?????? Not since January has she started this, and all it has caused is one hassle after another. Who in their right mind pays a person their child support a month behind when they need it that month????? Makes ya wonder doesn't it.

Ok a question for ya??? What is up with laundry???? You can do 5 loads and turn around, walk into a room (usually a room you have all ready checked for laundry) and you find another load or three. Does it ever end?? I never seem to get thru it all. And it never fails that hubby just can't seem to get off his butt and bring his laundry down from the bedroom. I am smart enought that I make sure that I change downstairs and BAM! dirty clothes are put in the dirty laundry right away. I think that man has a whole months worth up there in that room. He actually told me the other day that I should bring it down. Hey I didn't wear it! I also don't see M A I D across my forehead. I think he has forgotten that marriage is a two person

So he got to go fishing almost all weekend and part of the week. What a happy camper...well fisherman he was. Enjoying his time out on the lake he does and he has actually met some people from off of his flyfishing site online. Pretty cool.

So Sunday is my 36th Birthday and hubby and my mother in law had actually made plans for that day for themselves. Hubby was going to take the kids into town to see grandma and visit her for awhile and hubby was going to go fishing with his brother. Well thanks for thinking of me??!! LOL He has cancelled and now she (MIL) is coming out here on Sunday (hopefully for church) and then afterwards, hubby and I are going to see a movie. Of course my he is gonna have to sit thru a scary one....hee hee. Sucks to be him....NOT...he gets to spend the day with me. :oP

Well I am going to sign off now and rest my head. Finish watching the rest of Law and Order SVU...Olivia is in a bad mood!!!


Saturday, April 28, 2007

I am so behind. I have just been so tired and haven't wanted to be on the computer. Plus the past couple of weeks have been hectic it seems. Between PAC, MOMS, and home and doing a scrapbook for an anniversary, well I have been busy.

Not much is new around here. Working on my sketches to open a sketch site, and am also thinking about doing a challenge site as well. I love how Lucy Chesna has her Sketch Divas do layouts based on her sketches. You can check these out at MY SKETCH WORLD. I am one of the sketch divas though have only done one so far due to being so busy.

With that said....if anyone is interested in helping me out with layouts for any of my sketches....just leave a comment here or email me. You can be experienced, beginner or just a part time scrapper, if you want to try it out and have your work 'published' on my blog, just say so. More the merrier. :o)

So I haven't had time to check out everyone's blogs and I deeply deeply apologize for that. How rude of me, I know. I am going to work on getting caught up (or close to it) this week. I hope you all can forgive me. Bad

I hope you all are enjoying the weekend and I will do better to pop in and keep in touch.

Tink and Tammy.......Where are you???????? ( I guess if I were to pop onto MSN I may find out eh?) and yes.....I am Canadian :oP


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Holy Crap, the cook (me) actually burnt something....LMBO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yup, left it on high instead of med and wow, burnt rice. Nana is pissed!!!! So I figure that I will bake a cake to go with the strawberries for dinner. (darn no champagne ) She seems happy about I working on that as I cook dinner now. Yup it is 7 p.m. but hey, who is the ruler that made dinner at 5 p.m.???? I eat when I am hungry, and since I do the cooking and cleaning, we eat when I say!!!! Well on weekends we do, plus hubby got back from....wouldn't you know it, come on guess.......FISHING an hour ago, and the fish is too small for all of us. Though the kids and I don't eat fish anyhow. Sushi!!! Yup we love that, but ewwwww!!! if I see the head and tail....forget it...I ain't eating it. And when I clean em' you definately ain't getting me to eat it. Probably a good thing I don't work at a chicken factory or meat plant. I probably would become a veggie then.
Speaking of chicken, yup that is for dinner tonight. With rice (regular) and cheesy broccoli and cauliflower. Chick will probably be ready in about 25 mins, so I have got about that to do this and then also transfer this blog to my other scrapbooking one on blogspot.
Why bother typing two I say????? I will type in one and just transfer to the other. Saves my fingers and my artificial nails.
Oh the master is wondering when dinner will be ready....whenever..... ah don't get me wrong, we have a good marriage, yuppers we do, I mean heck, 7 years May? Gotta be something I love about him...hee hee. I think it is the fact that we love some of the same things but mainly the opposite. We are both outdoorsy to a point, but not in everything. He is a quiet person, I talk. I love tv, but reality tv, and criminal, csi shows. He likes sports. I read, he doesn't. Unless it is a menu....
Ya he is my man and I love him. Someone has to, his mother can't hold on to him forever. And seriously...that would be kinda kinky...well sick if ya think about it. Best thing about him is he is an indentical twin, so automatically I got a brother in law who looks exactly like him, so if I am mad at him, I take it out on the brother. He doesn't like that too much (the brother that is), hubby just laughs. See, I never grew up with a brother, so now I got one and I am going all out. LOL Just glad my Nana is growing up with two boys cause she gets it from both of them and she is just like mom....can dish it out as well. You go girl!!!!!
Well I am going to go and figure out what recipe to use for icing, as well as a marinade for the steaks we are having tomorrow night. Then I guess I should do a grocery list for the rest of the week. I spent some cash for groceries but forgot the meat and veggies/fruit. Come on, momma needed a new outfit and of course the shoes....
Till next time!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy April Fools Day - a little late
Hope everyone is doing well. Also hope no one got pranked too bad.
I just thought I would upload a few layouts I have done.
Here they be :o)

this last one here, was done without using any adhesive.
Think you can do it? Give it a try and then leave me your
layout link in the comments.

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ok next day and away I is 12:30 am and I am on here to check the TallyScrappers Idol chat to see if I won or not .... I came in second and that is just great, cause I get a clock.....wooooweeeeee

Anyhow....I am adding a layout here so you all can check it out. It is from Sunny's Challenge Sketch at TS.

aint is
love yas

Friday, March 30, 2007

I haven't been bloggin' for awhile I see, and I have been missing out on everyone elses blogs. Oh ladies I am so sorry. I have been messaging and trying to win a challenge or Well mainly just one....a Heidi Swapp clock. Wish me luck, it ends today.
I am not sure if I have done another layout since the last one. If so I will upload it later.
I have been very tired and dealing with money issues...we have
So I have also not been on the computer alot either. Forgive me all. I will get to your blogs this weekend I promise. Hubby is away for the day on Saturday so that gives me time to slack, well heck I slack every
I hope everyone is well and those who have been sick are feeling better. Me? Yah this thing is never going away....not sure why, but it loves me!!! LOL
Tami, Tink, miss you both, tons. Hope to see ya at TS soon. Elle, I miss you to, heck I miss ya all...hee hee (specially all your wonderful blogs, gonna be lots to catch up ;O) )
Take care ya'll

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Monday???? Monday is the last time I posted????? Oh my goodness. I have been so tired and headachy, and just not wanting to be on the computer. I did however do an 8x8 layout and a tag book. Here is the layout...

Those flowers took know how brads are. LOL
So my voice is almost back but I won't say anytime soon as my throat is sore again tonight.
Sorry I don't have the tag book up, but I have more layouts I want to photograph and upload.
Once I do that then I will put them and the tag book up.
Well I don't have much else to say as my mind is tired.
Ciao for now :o)

Monday, March 19, 2007

Well here it is Monday and I am finally sitting in my recliner checkin in. I am SICK!!!! This cold is going nowhere. It seems to like me so it has decided to stick around. Lucky me...NOT!
I missed the crop at TallyScrappers and another one somewhere else...I think it was Scrap The Moment :o(
I started some of the challenges but just couldn't get into it. Maybe today I can get into doing something. I want to do a girly board book, and possibly a fishing paper bag book for hubby. I went to the park with the kids and hubby (Mill Lake) figuring the fresh air would do me some good. Hubby fished and the kids and I walked the dog around the park. Darn thing pooped twice. What a law, pick it up so no one steps in it...well what if it is deep in the bush, of course where she always likes to do it. So not only am I picking up crap, I am picking up dead leaves and grass, etc. Oh fun...ha ha (I am being sarcastic here)
Well the fresh air was nice, but I came home and slept again, like I have all weekend. I have this raspy voice and a cough. It doesn't hurt too much to swallow until late evening.

I have a question for all of you. Where does it state in rules of marriage that the laundry (folding, drying, washing, sorting) is the woman's job??? As well as the cooking????
I understand that my hubby works during the day and yes it is nice to come home to a clean house and dinner on the table, but hey I am working to. These kids like my constant attention and yes at times NEED it. Is that not work???? Oh heck now they are arguing with me about going outside and I am telling them NO in my lovely voice. If this continues I won't have a voice by tonight.

So tis about it for my update. Missed ya all. Will be checkin' out your blogs and such in a bit.


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Oh boy, 2 days and no posting makes me a baaaaaaaad girl...LOL

I worked on a layout last night around 10 pm

Took awhile, but hubby liked it. I used the March kit from Croppin' Frenzy. This is my last month of being the Design Team Co-ordinator there.
I am going to try out for TallyScrapper Design Team, and see what happens then. Anyone interested in this, should check it out.
Well it is just me and the kids tonight and I have the tv all lined up for Survivor, CSI, and then either reading or Shark. I can never decide at 10 pm what I want to do.
Hey maybe I will scrapbook a layout or two, who knows. :o)
So I am off for now.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So here it is Tuesday and the second day of March break. My daughter has gone over to her friends house and is staying the night there. So it is quite quiet here and all seems to be going well. I did a cover for my 6x6 cardboard album that I am going to use for a circle journal.

I have spent most of the day on the computer but did some laundry and the dishes. I just love Tallyscrapper They have this awesome TallyPoints system and it ROCKS! Right now they are looking for DT's, so if you are interested, I would take a venture over there.

Here is what I did today - now remember that I still have to put in the rings and then when it is done the ribbon

Monday, March 12, 2007

Everyone is liking my sketches which is giving me warm fuzzies :o)

I decided to put the other two up today and then I shall get working on getting the others drawn up on the computer and them I will put them up. I think though I will do another blog that is just my sketches and some layouts done with the sketches.

Elle, thanks so much for your bloggin site and I have posted a layout I did of hubby and myself in high school...check out my (oh ya and the acid wash)

Again, thank you all for the kind words and for coming by, it is great to meet new people! :o)

Sunday, March 11, 2007

So tonight we sat here and watched a Fly Fishing video. Yuppers, just what I wanted to do on my Sunday after lunch at the church day. It is a CSI Marathon and fly fishing just up and popped itself into the DVD player in the middle of an episode. One hour of pure entertainment and feeling sorry for fish that are caught, mauled and then released...upstream mind you so that they don't drown. Good thing I know that for the next time I go fishing and catch a fish I so choose to release. Come on people, I catch a fish, I am gonna get my husband to eat it. :o)
So now on goes the CSI Marathon, unless I can find something else better to watch, and so far that doesn't look too likely unless I pop in a DVD of my own.
I was going to scrapbook, but suddenly got diverted from that after something that I saw on one of my message boards. Pretty disappointing I tell ya. So I will see how I feel tomorrow.
We missed church today but went to the childrens lunch and silent auction. We has lasagne, ceasar salad, ice tea and brownies for dessert. Oh I couldn't get enough of those brownies...they were awesome.
Well I promised sketches, so here are some. I have others that I will be doing soon and will get uploaded as well. Maybe I will even start my own sketch

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Me and My Weird Likes

It is funny cause even though I am a Christian, I still like to watch the horror movies and read books like Stephen King (my fave) and Peter Straub, etc. One of the pastor's wives tells me that in time God will convict me and I will not be interested in any of it anymore. I have prayed about these likes of mine and have yet to hear from God about the time that will come.

I know these movies are fake and the idea of them are not believable and I know where my heart is what I believe. I am a big FX (special effects) nut, and where else are you going to see lots of FX but in a horror film.

I grew reading Stephen King and watching these shows, knowing the whole time, they weren't real.

I sit here now watching Alien, and wonder how they worked the alien, how hot it must have been in the suit, how did they come up with the design.

It seems strange, but I know in my heart of hearts, what the truth is and who is All Knowing.

All that aside, I thought I would share something I altered today...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Sitting here watching Amittyville Horror 2 - The Possessed. What It is a show I haven't seen yet so that is good. I am watching the possession now. Gotta love these B rated movies and the special effects. I love special effects, doesn't everyone? I just gotta know how it is done and how it is made...hee hee

Hubby and I played 501 tonight (darts) and the kids kept score for us. It was interesting but the game was very close. He won by about 100 points cause he started doing the triples in the end. We haven't played darts for ages, and it was alot of fun.

So I have been sitting here tonight working on my blog, trying to get it organized and get other people's blogs entered and then I realize I am missing some stuff. Man oh man. Will have to get right on that.

So today I was not late getting Nana to school but sure was late getting her from school. 45 minutes late you could say. The receptionist, whom I know well enough (I am the secretary of the PAC) gave me what for. Boy did I feel like crap. T-man and I both fell asleep and the alarm didn't go off. We are fighting our colds and by the looks of it, not doing too well in other aspects. :o(

So I got Nana's report card and she was late over 20 days this term and it is affecting her reading and LA. Again, my fault. This is starting to tick me off, me and my not sleeping at night isn't helping very much.

I need to get myself least for her sake. Ensure that I am up and she is up for sure 1/2 hour before school and then no naps near 1:30 pm.

I know, I will scrapbook at 1:30 or clean, that way, no mistakes. This isn't a common thing, leaving her at school. But it does look bad either way.

My beautiful girl.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


But still

Can't wait to check out all the blogs and hopefully work on mine and get it organized.
So to be short and sweet, just thought I would let you all know I am back and since hubby cleaned house, I have more time for the computer...hee hee or should I be scrapbooking?????

Thursday, March 01, 2007


- these are 2.5" x 3.5" cards that have been altered in some way by beadwork, collage, coloured pencil, embossing, stamping, water colours and so forth.

- generally made from cardstock, but not always. They have also been created on acetate, leather, stiffened fabric and wood.

There are no rules when creating the ATCs but there are some guidelines regarding etiquette.

- finished piece must measure 2.5 x 3.5

- the artist should sign and date the back of the card

-ATCs must be traded NOT sold

There is a misconception that ATCs are only for trading. This could not be further from the tuth. They make beautiful additons to your scrapbook project, whether you put them straight onto a scrapbooking page or tuck them into minature envelopes or folders.

info obtained from the Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine - Barb Starace

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

we had our annual general meeting tonight for our strata and boy oh boy what a circus it was. funny thing is, ever since one person got on the board, all the letters and problems have been coming into play.
i totally lost it at the meeting, especially when a board member tells me that she has been thru enough and can talk to me in any tone she wants. then later when i am stating a fact and being very civil and friendly she takes it the wrong way, interupts me, and yells at me about this and that. all i wanted to do was make a smuckin' point. hubby may have had to hold me back (oh the devil was in me, i was gonna smash her) but not once did i call her a name nor swear.
i did apologise though i feel that i am not at fault.
hubby is now on the coucil, but funny thing is that the president got home just about 15 mins ago and my husband is no where to be found....hmmmmmm.
i just can't get over how strong i was as i was going for her. i am really scared as to what i could have done to her. thank God i didn't get through. i really didn't want her back on the council, but since hubby is there, then i am sure things may change or at least maybe some issues can get cleared.oh he is back now and we are gonna chat...i will get back to ya.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Well I am sick.....sick, sick, sick. LOL

I have that nasal drip and a sore throat and I cough on occassion, but I feel yucky.

I am excited that Christine from Tallyscrapper wants me to do some layouts though, so exciting.

You should check out her site...awesome talent and some great shopping. Which I have yet to do, wink wink....hee hee

You also get Tally points and that rocks, cause you get a prize later (well the person with the most tally points does) won't tell ya what it is though....You gotta check that out for yourself...hee hee

I have finally uploaded some layouts, and a couple aren't the best shots, but you get the jist, and yes on some I have journalling to do.
Hey Tami......I FINALLY DID THE POPCORN ONE.... now I have proof...tee hee
Well now it is Teryn trying to get me off the computer to do Spiderman dot ca or com, so we will see if it exists.

I will check in later and either update but for sure check out what is going on with everyone else and at Tallyscrapper.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Congratulations to my Tink and Tami for them getting chosen to do layouts for Talleyscrapper

You should check it out.

How much does that rock????? LOTS!!!!!!!!

By the way there is Tink and Tami

Congrats again ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here it is Sunday Hubby's B-day and right now he is off with his bro to a Giants game, and the kiddios are making microwave popcorn while watching Bob the Builder. Just one of my favourites you see (rolling my eyes) and you know the idea of having a tv in your room (kids) just doesn't do it justice.

I tell ya, everytime we go to church, it seems to directed right at either hubby or I.....then again it probably isn't just us, but you know what I mean...LOL

This weekend has actually been quite laid back and I have not had as much sleep as I like. Hubby wants me to stay awake, but I think I am going to take a nap, cause I would like to watch Van Helsing at 8PM PST

Yay it is Max and Ruby......Ya right....LOL

Ariana is kicking me off the lappy as she wants to check out barbie dot come....should be fun

Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Wow can anyone ever not have any to do in one day???? All the washing, the drying and then reloading the washer, and then the folding, then the sorting and also the "I went thru this room all ready, where did this come from?"

Having 5 people in this family plus the dog, who would have thought that my life has come to this????

3 loads yesterday and so far one this morning and it was 2 loads on Sunday. Ok that makes a whopping 6 so far. My head is spinning, and I am still probably about 10 loads from actually being finished....ya right, then it starts again. HELP ME!!! It never ends..... (crying, sobbing, moaning)
I wish there were such things as laundry elves.

So this morning I have an Executive PAC meeting. Should be good as we have changed the structure of the playground and need to vote on it. Looks good though and it is totally wheelchair accessible so we should be able to get some grants before the time comes to pay fully and have it installed.

After that meeting, I know T-man needs to get to school and then I am not sure what I am going to do then. I do need to see the psychiatrist to figure out a letter to LTD, and I should get some X-Rays done, but this house needs to be cleaned, my scraproom organized, and some layouts scanned...oh and hey don't forget the smuckin' LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I should be off but I hope to see Tink and Tami later on. I miss you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!! Lotsa hugs and love for yas both.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

oh boy, days since I last

I have been away at a retreat this past weekend and heck I missed Tami's birthday......I am so sorry Tami, please please please forgive me. :o(

I had a good weekend away and promise to post those layouts I did do. Thank goodness for Scrap Jammies kits as I probably wouldn't have gotten as much done. It is so nice to work with paper all ready cut out and a layout to (though I always change the amount of pics I put on there) Yes I did do some of Dustanne's Own Layouts, hard thought out layouts, layouts that took strenuous hours to do...LMBO just kidding, but yes they are mine.

I did one of the dog that I love. I can't wait to show it off. Look at her here sleeping on the couch, isn't she just the most precious?????
Well tomorrow is another day and after my PAC meeting I will try to get on here, and if not then later on in the day.
Take care,