Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I have been busy I Yes lots has happened over the summer and now with school it is still busy. Actually it isn't but when it is. To friends daughter recovered and is doing fine. She is still my sweetheart. The kids are doing well in school (so far...hee hee) and I am still a part of the PAC. I started out as the secretary this year and have now taken over the Hot Lunch Coordinator position. It is something new and I look forward to the challenge. It was very funny how it came to be as I prayed to God each day to show me if that is what I was to do (it was between me and another lady) and finally the day before the vote, I told the chairperson that I was going to continue on as the secretary. Not 5 mins after that, I was told the other lady stepped down due to her going back to school and not being able to commit to the program (though she would still be able to help). Boy, God sure did make sure I was shown how he felt about me making up my mind....hee hee. I knew he would. :o)
So other than that, there really isn't much more going on. We have bought a new van as the car has decided to not really want to start and run for us anymore.....hmmmmmm I wonder if it could have anything to do with the time I jumped her over the railroad tracks.....oooops?!!!
She needs a break and if things go well and if God has this plan for her, then we are going to talk to a fellow church friend and see if he can fix her up and possibly give her to a single mom or family who needs a car. Everyone would benefit....especially those who need the vehicle.
I am still with Paper Posicles and want to pass on this to you all before I sign - our very own Sheila has started her own stamp making (at the beginning of this blog) and is selling them and you can get them at Paper Popsicles.....and two- check out the latest and greatest from Paper Popsicles.