Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here I am......a few days late, I

I just checked out a couple new sites that were mentioned in another blog and they are having a contest and one of the prizes is a blog header and another prize is some brazilian goodie box or a $20 gift certificate to Doesn't that sound awesome????? Ahhhhh ya!!!!!!!!!1

One of the blogs is called Mama's Coffee Corner and the other is called RS Designs. I suggest you check them out as the contest ends on the 24th of May 2007. So rush on over don't walk.....RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So Milly and I are sitting here on the mat watching NCIS. You remember Milly don't ya????

Yup this be lazy dog. LOL
Hubby is of course is out fishing....I mean what else would he be out doing???? He is more addicted to fishing than I am to scrapbooking. Scary huh?!!! He gave me the lovely talk about how the weather is going to get worse and since today was such a lovely day, this was his only chance. Such a wonderful guy....hey at least he did the dishes (well most of them) and took out the recycling...missed the garbage as I just couldn't stand waiting for him anymore.
So he should be back by or before dusk. In the meantime, I have been arguing with the kids about taking a bath and they just won't do it. Daddy told them that they had to, but they just aren't going for it. T-Man should be right in there as he has been having as he says 'squirty poo' all day that he has gone thru about 3 pairs of undies and about 5 pairs of pants. Now he is walking around NEKKID.....LOL I love that word.
Nana...well she is just plain lazy and well being a girl I just don't get it. When I was younger, I loved having a bath at night. Heck I found excuses to have a bath. The bubbles, the letting your hair flow in the water, the warmth....just being in the tub.
So we have a fly problem here in the house. When I say problem, I mean PROBLEM! I get the fruit flies and they are easy to handle, but now we have these little black flies that fly in one spot during the day (3 different spots) while the others sit on the walls and the ceiling and at night the fliers go and hang with the rest. They are not only in my kitchen, they are in my living room/dining room. Ok, yes I have some little critters, but I keep them clean. The litter box is clean to, but these freakin flies just won't leave....grrrrrrrr. If anyone knows of any type of fly killers or removers other than SPIDERS please let me know. Something natural would be wonderful as I think those fly strips are
Well I haven't done a layout since that last bad is that?????? I just don't have that umph to do it. I need a good kick!
Hey good news though. We had our PAC elections today and I will be the secretary for next year. I think that is cool. LOL I enjoy doing it. Reminds me, I have some minutes to type up. **smiles**
Well not much else to say except Ciao!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2007


Wishing all you mom's out there the best for today....our special day!!!!

We aren't doing much except going to church and then probably hanging out at home. Since it is my day, I am hoping hubby will pretty much let me do what I

So I have been pretty busy with PAC with meetings, counting money, putting raffle tickets together and hot dog day. I can say that I really enjoy doing all the stuff for the school. It is great being on the executive, but that is coming to an end....our May 22nd meeting is voting day, so if anyone else wants to go for any position, there will be a running. I'll let you all know how it goes.

I am running a Garage/Craft Sale at the school on the 26th of May. We are charging $10 to rent a table and we will be having a concession as well. We are hoping for sure for 10 tables as that is $100. With the concession, plus popcorn, we should do well in that area as well.

I am wondering if I want to get a table myself....but I am going to wait and see how many volunteers we have as for right now it is just me and the vice-chair (I think)

So I did the layout according to the sketch for My Sketch World.

I am watching Guarding Tess and it is such a cute movie. The kids are with daddy downstairs watching a movie that is very He has all the channels down there so it is probably a movie on movie central or something. Me, I want to get that thing Shaw has where you can rewind and tape movies for up here.

Well I have posted that layout for you to see and I am off to do some reading and then bedtime.


Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hey Elle has interviewed me with 5 questions. Here they are...

1) You find a magic toad who will grant you three wishes if you kiss it. What are your three wishes?
2) What would you say is your biggest regret in life if you had one?
3) You are given $2million dollars. The only catch is you have to donate it to three different charities. Which charities would you choose?
4) Your rich uncle dies and leaves his estate to you. The only catch is you have to either sleep in a graveyard for one night, or stand topless on a busy city corner for 15 minutes. Which do you choose?
5) What do you find the most rewarding about being a mom?

So here are my answers....
1) Three wishes??? Only three??? LOL Well I guess the first wish would be for world peace (don't I sound like Miss Beauty Queen) I am so tired of everyone fighting over in Iraq and losing all those soldiers. Peace on earth would just be beautiful.
The second wish would be for my sister in law to be healthy along with her children. She has to have a couple of operations and one nephew has ADHD and the other is Autistic. She has a hard time as it is working and keeping house (hubby is ... well he doesn't do much) and now with the school calling about C (ADHD) and finding out about A (Autistic) well that is a lot on her plate.
My third wish would be for enough money to pay for our cards, the house. That way when we get paid or at least hubby, we can just focus on saving for a new home (house not a town home) and for the kids future.

2)Biggest regret in life???? I like to think that I don't have any regrets, as all mistakes are made as life's lessons. Though I would have to say that I regret that my mother and I don't have the relationship a mother and daughter should have. I could be the bigger person and just buck up and call her and visit and just be a daughter, but it is tough for me. She continually stresses me out and her way of looking at things is not exactly the same as mine. We both have our faults and right now for me, I feel in time, I will be able to be that better person, but as it stands....I have to keep my distance.

3)$2 million dollars to different charities???? This one is easy as I all ready have certain ones that I donate to. The first one is BREAST CANCER....I have a friend who passed away from this and a few others who are battling it still. It is something close to me and I try and support this any time I can. The second one is CHILDRENS HOSPITAL...this is one of the best hospitals and my little nephew was flown to the Vancouver one where he was visited by the Canucks. He fought his hardest and the doctors did their best, but he lost his fight at 2 months old. The third one would be for hmmmmmm.....ok not so easy, as I don't have a third one. I have donated to Cystic Fibrosis, Autism, it is a toss up between those three. I guess now with all the circumstances I would put it towards Autism, therefore more respite homes, research, meds, etc. could be paid for.

4)Rich uncle dies, leaves me his estate....catch is I have to sleep in a graveyard or stand topless on a busy street for 15 mins???? Being a Christian, standing topless on a busy street isn't something that I should do as I would be flaunting myself and people could get into an accident (LOL), though this would have been my first choice. That being said, I would spend the night in the graveyard, provided I had a tent as I hate that dewy feeling in the

Last but not least
5)The most rewarding about being a mom???? Being about to see the joy in their faces when they succeed at something. The constant hugs, the kisses, the 'I love you's', the owies I get to kiss, and the feeling of their tiny hand in mine. As they grow, I know there will be many more that I can mention.

Elle, thank you for the wonderful questions. I had a good time answering them. Made me

If anyone wants to be 'interviewed' I will be happy to give you 5 questions of your own to answer.

For now I am some scrapping and cleaning to do and oh ya......that darned laundry...eeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!! LOL


Tami....lotsa love your way!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I have started a sketch blog and tomorrow is the first day I am uploading a sketch and a layout based on the sketch. Still looking for people to do layouts based on the sketches...hint hint. You can check out the site at I hope that you enjoy it.

Not much is going on. We are going to be bank shopping as we are tired of our current bank provider. Bank of Montreal has just been a pain in our butts. Hubby and I have been customers of theirs for over 15 years and when we apply for a loan or a mortgage they turn us down or give us the least amount of money. I told them that their service for customers is horrible and they are more in tune to help themselves and not the little guy. I want a bank that helps us......not themselves. One that looks out for their customers, and cares about their customers needs.
Anyone know of a good bank????? Now remember that I am in BC Canada.....LOL

Still waiting on a cheque from FMEP.....and I tell you, my ex's payroll person is an idiot. Ok that word is harsh....not thinking straight. She says that she has always paid his child support a month behind. HELLO?????? Not since January has she started this, and all it has caused is one hassle after another. Who in their right mind pays a person their child support a month behind when they need it that month????? Makes ya wonder doesn't it.

Ok a question for ya??? What is up with laundry???? You can do 5 loads and turn around, walk into a room (usually a room you have all ready checked for laundry) and you find another load or three. Does it ever end?? I never seem to get thru it all. And it never fails that hubby just can't seem to get off his butt and bring his laundry down from the bedroom. I am smart enought that I make sure that I change downstairs and BAM! dirty clothes are put in the dirty laundry right away. I think that man has a whole months worth up there in that room. He actually told me the other day that I should bring it down. Hey I didn't wear it! I also don't see M A I D across my forehead. I think he has forgotten that marriage is a two person

So he got to go fishing almost all weekend and part of the week. What a happy camper...well fisherman he was. Enjoying his time out on the lake he does and he has actually met some people from off of his flyfishing site online. Pretty cool.

So Sunday is my 36th Birthday and hubby and my mother in law had actually made plans for that day for themselves. Hubby was going to take the kids into town to see grandma and visit her for awhile and hubby was going to go fishing with his brother. Well thanks for thinking of me??!! LOL He has cancelled and now she (MIL) is coming out here on Sunday (hopefully for church) and then afterwards, hubby and I are going to see a movie. Of course my he is gonna have to sit thru a scary one....hee hee. Sucks to be him....NOT...he gets to spend the day with me. :oP

Well I am going to sign off now and rest my head. Finish watching the rest of Law and Order SVU...Olivia is in a bad mood!!!