Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Oh I had a full sheet here of today and how things have been going and then decided to enter a photo and wouldn't you know it...BAM! the darn thing blacks out. Lost all of my data everything.
Here is a layout I did for a challenge on a forum that I am a part of.
I can't seem to click on links in my email and have a direct connection anymore. I think it is time for a virus check.
Hope it all comes out good.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Sitting here watching CSI Miami, yup a repeat while the dog yet again sleeps. I think she is trying to tell me something. Boy, you would think one day I would take the hint and listen. Ah, after I type this, I will check out my MSN group and then settle down for the night.
Dinner was awesome and I had a blast. ROCK ON!!!!!!!!
Hoping tomorrow is a cool day and the kids are all Gung Ho tomorrow, as I need to get ready for the weekend. I am hosting a 'Make n Take', and then going to a crop. I want to get as organized as possible and the kids don't help a bit. Call me crazy, but don't think they Ah maybe we will sit down an stamp away while mommy organizes the table right beside us, ah yes, I think that shall work. For maybe a whole 5 minutes...arghhhhhh. I need a nanny. Too tired to figure it out now, I will deal with it tomorrow, cause it has to be done. I need to come up with 4 layouts for Saturday for everyone to do. Should be lots of fun, as I have tons of ideas.
Well I shall sign off for the night and possibly post tomorrow.
Night all.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Ah the day never seems to be empty yet today seems to feel that way, yet I have had a lot to do. Early morning doctor appointment, blood testing, and tonight a dinner in town. Not to mention the other parts of the day with the lovely
Dog sleeping here beside me seems to have the right idea of what I should be doing today, but unfortuately if I do that, the little ones will take over the house and then I shall be over-run. I will not have control (now wait did I ever?) and I shall probably be put in the nut house when they get thru with me.
As I type they are standing on the table now yelling hello to the neighbours out the kitchen window....such wonderful and lovely greeters they are. Cute but loud and so in trouble.
Ok off the table they are, yet speaking out the window at the neighbouring kids, forget it they aren't going to listen to me.
Well I am off to shower and get ready for my dinner in town, which I am actually looking forward to. Hubby should be home soon.
His turn to take over Home of Children in Charge...LOL