Sunday, September 11, 2005

So again it night time.
Hubby and I arrived home earlier around 10:30 pm from a wedding. My friend had gotten married today. Ok according to the time it was yesterday. What a wonderful wedding and she looked just amazing!
I took tons of pics and not all turned out but between her and me I am sure we can come up with something.
I am hoping tomorrow to get some pages done, especially one for LM as I printed off the picture I want to work around. I think the forum there has been good for me and I actually entered a page and even though I didn't get chosen, I actually did something I have never thought I would do.
Hmmm, could the meds be working? Could I be coming out of my shell and seeing life as a not so bad place? Work still pi**es me off, and I still don't like to go out much, but hey all takes time.

Hubby has been very excited in the idea that I have been working on pages again. He loves the one I did of Hell's Gate. I need to take a better pic of it or really learn to use the stitching program that was sent to me. Using the digital photo, takes a lot out of the layout itself, cause looking at it online and looking at it in person, you can really see the difference. This is a layout I really like.

Well Milly just got up and did the circle thing and is pressing on my leg here, so I shall sign off and hopefully be on

I want to look into the 'typepad' blogs a bit more and price them out. Even though this one is free which is wonderful, I love the look of those.

Night for now.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Again, I sit here and the usual is on t.v. LOL
and again the dog is sleeping. How can you tell that my nights are my 'quiet' time. Hubby is upstairs, now whether or not he is still on his laptop, I couldn't tell you, but I know for a fact the kids are sleeping because it is real quiet up there.
The bunny and guinea pig are searching for food in their cage and if Giddy (pig) didn't knock over the darned dish all the time then they wouldn't have to search thru the
Now he is tossing it with his head, being a real goofball.

I think I finally have this Blog thing figured out, but then again, I am not always the smartest cookie in the jar. Oh well, if I have any trouble I am sure there is someone out there with knowledge enough to help. I just see that a lot of people have these and I think they are wonderful.

So I am part of a couple of forums and wow the talent that people pocess amazes me. I never thought that I could scrapbook or make cards like 'Becky Higgins' or any known name, but I have seen stuff that could surpass even hers. LOL One day I shall get the hang of it, maybe I just need another 5 years or so.

Ariana is off to school tomorrow morning and is spending the 1 hour with the kindergarten class and we shall see if she qualifies for full day or just half. I am hoping for a full day, but the way that kids excel now a days, heck, maybe they will all be skipping the kindergarten and moving to grade one. Now wouldn't that just phase a parent who has only come to an interview to get their child into the full time day care.

Teryn enjoys each visit to the classroom and never wants to leave, but in time it will be his time to be there and learn and play. Another couple of years. Oh he is going to so enjoy it.

Well my eyes are closing and my body is shutting down. I guess I am tired...good thing as it is 11:30 right now and a good time to go to bed. Maybe tomorrow I can get a layout done, as was my choice for today, but got put on the backburner.