Tuesday, February 27, 2007

we had our annual general meeting tonight for our strata and boy oh boy what a circus it was. funny thing is, ever since one person got on the board, all the letters and problems have been coming into play.
i totally lost it at the meeting, especially when a board member tells me that she has been thru enough and can talk to me in any tone she wants. then later when i am stating a fact and being very civil and friendly she takes it the wrong way, interupts me, and yells at me about this and that. all i wanted to do was make a smuckin' point. hubby may have had to hold me back (oh the devil was in me, i was gonna smash her) but not once did i call her a name nor swear.
i did apologise though i feel that i am not at fault.
hubby is now on the coucil, but funny thing is that the president got home just about 15 mins ago and my husband is no where to be found....hmmmmmm.
i just can't get over how strong i was as i was going for her. i am really scared as to what i could have done to her. thank God i didn't get through. i really didn't want her back on the council, but since hubby is there, then i am sure things may change or at least maybe some issues can get cleared.oh he is back now and we are gonna chat...i will get back to ya.

Monday, February 26, 2007


Well I am sick.....sick, sick, sick. LOL

I have that nasal drip and a sore throat and I cough on occassion, but I feel yucky.

I am excited that Christine from Tallyscrapper wants me to do some layouts though, so exciting.

You should check out her site...awesome talent and some great shopping. Which I have yet to do, wink wink....hee hee

You also get Tally points and that rocks, cause you get a prize later (well the person with the most tally points does) won't tell ya what it is though....You gotta check that out for yourself...hee hee

I have finally uploaded some layouts, and a couple aren't the best shots, but you get the jist, and yes on some I have journalling to do.
Hey Tami......I FINALLY DID THE POPCORN ONE.... now I have proof...tee hee
Well now it is Teryn trying to get me off the computer to do Spiderman dot ca or com, so we will see if it exists.

I will check in later and either update but for sure check out what is going on with everyone else and at Tallyscrapper.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Congratulations to my Tink and Tami for them getting chosen to do layouts for Talleyscrapper

You should check it out.

How much does that rock????? LOTS!!!!!!!!

By the way there is Tink and Tami

Congrats again ladies!!!!!!!!!!!

Well here it is Sunday Hubby's B-day and right now he is off with his bro to a Giants game, and the kiddios are making microwave popcorn while watching Bob the Builder. Just one of my favourites you see (rolling my eyes) and you know the idea of having a tv in your room (kids) just doesn't do it justice.

I tell ya, everytime we go to church, it seems to directed right at either hubby or I.....then again it probably isn't just us, but you know what I mean...LOL

This weekend has actually been quite laid back and I have not had as much sleep as I like. Hubby wants me to stay awake, but I think I am going to take a nap, cause I would like to watch Van Helsing at 8PM PST

Yay it is Max and Ruby......Ya right....LOL

Ariana is kicking me off the lappy as she wants to check out barbie dot come....should be fun

Wednesday, February 21, 2007



Wow can anyone ever not have any to do in one day???? All the washing, the drying and then reloading the washer, and then the folding, then the sorting and also the "I went thru this room all ready, where did this come from?"

Having 5 people in this family plus the dog, who would have thought that my life has come to this????

3 loads yesterday and so far one this morning and it was 2 loads on Sunday. Ok that makes a whopping 6 so far. My head is spinning, and I am still probably about 10 loads from actually being finished....ya right, then it starts again. HELP ME!!! It never ends..... (crying, sobbing, moaning)
I wish there were such things as laundry elves.

So this morning I have an Executive PAC meeting. Should be good as we have changed the structure of the playground and need to vote on it. Looks good though and it is totally wheelchair accessible so we should be able to get some grants before the time comes to pay fully and have it installed.

After that meeting, I know T-man needs to get to school and then I am not sure what I am going to do then. I do need to see the psychiatrist to figure out a letter to LTD, and I should get some X-Rays done, but this house needs to be cleaned, my scraproom organized, and some layouts scanned...oh and hey don't forget the smuckin' LAUNDRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I should be off but I hope to see Tink and Tami later on. I miss you guys so much!!!!!!!!!!! Lotsa hugs and love for yas both.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

oh boy, days since I last

I have been away at a retreat this past weekend and heck I missed Tami's birthday......I am so sorry Tami, please please please forgive me. :o(

I had a good weekend away and promise to post those layouts I did do. Thank goodness for Scrap Jammies kits as I probably wouldn't have gotten as much done. It is so nice to work with paper all ready cut out and a layout to (though I always change the amount of pics I put on there) Yes I did do some of Dustanne's Own Layouts, hard thought out layouts, layouts that took strenuous hours to do...LMBO just kidding, but yes they are mine.

I did one of the dog that I love. I can't wait to show it off. Look at her here sleeping on the couch, isn't she just the most precious?????
Well tomorrow is another day and after my PAC meeting I will try to get on here, and if not then later on in the day.
Take care,

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Well we didn't take the couches as hubby decided they weren't up to par and he smelled an offensive odor on them.
I am sitting here watching the undercover wife and it is a pretty good movie, but I m not sure I could do what she is Married husband in the jail hospital and she is going out with some guy that is CEO of a company and he is a BAD man. The FBI are watching him and even honw that her hubby are innocent yet aren't doing anything about it. Hard to stop watching.
Oh getting good....the end is almost near and they got what they needed and it looks like she isn't going to work today. Ah doesn't matter, he knows who she is and caught her.
I won't spoil it for you, but I think you should watch it.
Heck, though, I will say if you think you are being followed, don't stop at stop signs if at all possible and speed up a bit and see if they do to, all the while dialing 911.

So I moved around the living room and It seems much emptier, and I am really liking it. Though needed a nap and my joints are yelling at

Has anyone ever seen that commercial with the apple trees and the little buckets and stuff for Sun Rype. It just kills

Well I had my nap and woke up at 9pm, and funny think I am craving oatmeal. How odd is that?
Well the movie is over, happy ending of course.
I am going to sign off

Why did I even bother with that silly doctor????? My friend is right, something is off there. I should have listened to her.
Seriously, I mean when I tell you that codine has an adverse affect on me, don't proceed to sit there and tell me that it is addicting. Like DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know that, I am not stupid! When I proceed to tell you that I haven't taken it in like 3 days because I know of the addiction, and I only have it for the pain (which it isn't helping), again DO NOT proceed to tell me that I will still get addicted to it. HELLO!? Do you know me??????
So I get an x-ray slip, great, I will get it x-rayed darn it, but are you going to help me out with the pain so that I don't have to take the codine and get all cranky? Nope, he wants to see the x-rays before he decides on medication. Well funny, cause I am not going back to see him again, unless they find something on these 'x-rays', cause believe me, I am gonna say something next time.
Funny thing is he actually asked me about my meeting with my OBGYN...again, I am not his patient, did he really need to know that?

Today we are picking up some couches today. Hope I can help hubby with them, well then again who else is gonna do it. Just pray that I don't hurt anything and bring back all the nasty

Kids are playing gameboy and the big chubby characters are on the tv....Boblins I think they are called??? Weird show I tell ya. The aliens have
Why is it that we have 2 gameboys and the kids consistantly fight over the one that the other has??? Crazy stuff I tell ya.

Well I am signing off for now as Tink is on her way here....hee hee
Give her something to read.

Friday, February 09, 2007

So I go thru Tami's blog and leave my comments and do the same with Tink as I chat with her on MSN. I come here and read thru my blog and blah, I need to learn how to write. Tink being younger than me, has this neat way of putting things and it rocks.
She adds words or sarcasm and it makes the read more fun and more exciting.

Yesterday, a friend from the PAC baked t-man a cake and brought him a present and we went over to the neighbours and he got a gift from them. He so believed that it wasn't his birthday cause we weren't having a party for him. I was heartbroken for him. But he had fun and we talked about his party in 15 sleeps and he is now more excited than ever.

So I have a doctor's appointment in 1/2 an hour and I hope to goodness we are not sitting there forever waiting to get in. This is my doctor's other half you could They both work out of the same office. So since my doc is off moving (now who moves for a whole month????? LOL) this ''other half" is taking my doc's patients. The thing is, if my doc is running behind, his receptionist lets us know by calling us and tells us when to come in. I am not sure how this guy runs. Makes me a bit nervous, especially when you mention his name to a friend and she says, don't go and see that guy, he is a quack.......Please Lord help me and be with me in that room.

Well the money still isn't in my account.....starting to stress me out, seriously. Time to check it out and then make some phone calls. Think it is also time to start calling in some loans as well. I have someone who owes me money, yet I know she spends it as soon as she gets it, and it is starting to tick me off. Especially when I mentioned that we needed the money, and she proceeds to tell me 2 days later about how she just bought this scrapbooking thing. I just about died. Oh well, you learn from your mistakes.

So T-man is playing his piano he got yesterday....noisy, but he likes it. We only have 8 minutes till we have to leave anyhow, so I can tolerate it for now.....hee hee.

I usually don't do any cleaning on Fridays cause I do it on Saturdays, but I think I will so some and get the living room organized for the new couches and I think the loveseat can go into my scraproom. We will have to see.
I do want to fix up the blog a bit and change some around and go thru some other scrap blogs and scrap sites.....guess we will see how I feel later....hee hee

Well I should sign off......

Thursday, February 08, 2007



Wow it has been almost a week with this neck and shoulder pain and it creeps into my arm. Good thing my doctor is away cause otherwise, I would just call in for a pain medication perscription and never find out what it could be. Since he is away, I can't do that and have to go in and see his replacement...oh lucky me. Instead of these anti-iflamitories (however you spell it), I better get some muscle relaxants, cause the plain codine is NOT....did I say NOT working for the pain. I still have to get an x-ray but I am hoping that he will at least touch it and see if maybe he can figure it out before the x-ray. Those darn tables are so uncomfortable.

So I am missing my Tink and Tami immensely, and I am not even sure if Tami has access to the computer at all. I am sure if I head over to her blog then I will find out. I have seen
Tink online, but her msn says she is offline :o(
I want to know how everyone is doing and make sure everyone is ok.

Haven't been doing much except hanging around the house and left poor Nana at school for an hour and a half, after school let out. Go figure the one day that they have early dismissal, I am halfway across town with T-man making Valentines with his friends and their moms. Today is early dismissal, so I shall remember to get her. One hour early. Heck shouldn't be hard cause we are hanging around the house today anyhow.

Didn't sleep well last night due to pain and weird dreams. I tell ya, making valentines in your sleep can be draining...LOL Toss and Turn, Toss and Turn. Ah well, at least I am up and can be ready to get Nana to school on time, which doesn't happen too often. Bad mommy - M O M E as T-man would say

So I saw the OBGYN that delivered T-man and Nana and the first thing he says to me is 'Why didn't he take out the uterus when he did the surgery' oh and 'I will let you know now that if he (T-man) makes the conversation a problem, I will cut it off, cause what we have to discuss if very important and we need full attention'. OK.....LOL
T-man did fine by the way.
Anyhow, I am not sure why he didn't take out the uterus, but my OBGYN would have and it is a good thing that I can't accept Estrogen in my body due to psychological problems, cause it would have to be a Estrogen/Progesterone mix and that isn't good for the uterus.
He mention Testosterone, but nah, I rather like not having to shave my face, and I think hubby likes the (better lack of a word) 'Ta-Tas' just the way they are. Me personally would like em smaller, but hey, you get what you are given. So I have decided with lots of consideration and also by talking to the doctor that I will not do HRT (hormone replacement therapy) and have a bone scan done every few years and go from there. Now if I find that things with 'down there' aren't doing so well, we can do a cream where I would use a very tiny minute (mi-nute) dab and that will 'liven' things up a bit. LOL

As for my tummy tuck, due to all the C-Sections, can't even have that done and be sure it will work as my scarring on my tummy is about an inch thick and tucked so even if I had a tuck, it would still fold due to a V format thing. He showed me on paper and when I looked in the mirror it made sense. So I just gotta loose what I can, if I want and there you go. Wow, 5 abdominal surgeries (3 c-sections, an apendectomy and an oophorectomy)....thank goodness I am not having more children, but then again, the doctor probably would have limited me anyhow. I just have one of those bodies that you can only put it thru so much and then it can't take anymore.

Well I guess that is all that has been going on. Ah wait......

Today being my little baby T-man's 5th birthday (waterworks-he is the last one, no more babies now) I wanted to take him out and do something special with him, but because we front my mom the money for Sean, I can't. We still haven't received that money yet. Oh Kelly is mad. Actually so am I. At least he got his gift early, so that is a good thing, and he did have cake with grandma, grandpa, and uncle Kirk on Sunday.
Oh I can't wait till he wakes up and I can say Happy Birthday and give him a hug and kiss.

Ok enough typing, I hear Kelly walking around upstairs, probably showering and getting ready for work. Yup, I hear the I should go join him, but it would prob wake the kids (just cause of the fact we are talking, get your minds out of the gutter...LOL).

Ciao for now....oh wait.....when you get a chance, I would like to recommend this blog. It is about a mother and her daughter who has a disease I didn't know existed. My goodness what they and the family have been thru and their trust in the Lord and the prayers he has answered. WOW

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Feelin Crabby???????

Nah just stressed and just as want to post this the kids want to leave to go shopping. BRB as they say.

Well I have been back for awhile but just didn't do any updating cause I was working on a kit, and yes it is posted. The one with hubby and the kids on Hallow'en.

Oh boy one more minute until Tman goes to his birthday I will be off again......crazy.

Ciao for now.