Thursday, March 16, 2006

Well today is sunny and pretty warm. I just spent the early morning shopping, going thru the Tim Hortons drive thru, reading Jen's blog, and cleaning up dog crap. The blessings of having a dog...ha ha
Teryn sits beside me here and babbles and babbles. He is now telling me that all I do is complain....who is calling the kettle black, the little whiner :oP
So for today, not sure what I am up for doing. Since hubby's alarm went off at 5 am, I have been up. I have a show on Wednesday, so maybe I will work on that or just hopefully get some pages done. I also need to work on my MSN group that I have.
Same Wednesday I have my show (Stampin' Up!), I find out the results of my bone scan. Am I nervous? not as much as I thought I would be. I have found support thru one of my scrapbook forums and of course friends and hubby.
Oh I just realized that I booked the doctors appointment for 6pm and my show is at 7pm, thank goodness the doctors is only 5 mins away......tee hee
I worked on two layouts last week and have posted one here, as I have yet to upload the other. I am very proud of this one, as it seemed to come easy, and it is about my sister. She likes it as well.
Well I am off to do some drinking of my coffee and eating of my bagel, and computer work.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wow, it has been forever since I have been
I have had some changes and it is odd for me as I don't do some of the things I used to anymore. With time comes change I guess.
I am scrapbooking more and I am a mod at Scrap Spot and loving it. The group is wonderful and I am meeting so many new people. I have met one person that I really click with so that is cool.
The kids here are growing like weeds and right now are dragging my pillows thru the kitchen on the floor.....eeeeek!!!!!
Hubby is now a poker fanatic then again how many of them aren't nowadays?!

I am posting some of my new layouts just to show the world that hey, she still can do it....tee hee.

Monday, January 09, 2006

My Quiet Place

So here it is the new year and I am trying my darnest to make new adjustments. I want this year to go better than the last one and will do what it takes, if able.
Doctor says he notices a change, just wish it could be noticed without all the meds but hey who said the world was perfect.
Ariana has now started school and Teryn is in pre-school 2wice a week and maybe by next month it will be three times. I just haven't decided if I want to put out the extra money for that. Having him home is ok, he is quiet and doesn't get in my way, unless he is bored.
Hubby seems to be doing ok, though mentions his weight and so far I don't see anything being done about it. I know that I have gained back what I lost, but the meds the doctor switched me to, oh do I want to eat
Only problem is, it is always late at night.
Well a friend mentioned to me about going to do water aerobics with her twice a week in the evenings. Still waiting to hear more about that. I will be seeing her this week as she is taking me to some mettings and watching the kids for me.
Well I will sign off and wish everyone a happy new year!

this is a layout I did for a contest Posted by Picasa