Saturday, January 27, 2007

View from inside of the closet
As you walk into the room
Walk in closet.....rockin' I tell ya

Still needing to go down from upstairs...minus the desk and hutch View from the corner of the room
Yes the kids have drawn on my but it is in pencil so I can get it out.
Very orange you say....don't worry, I can draw and paint and will be sketching some cute fairies etc on the walls and painting them in to add colour and brightness. Plus hubby is thinking of cutting the wall (just above the blue bucket) and putting in a window, as just behind that wall is our sliding doors to our back yard.

So there you have it ladies!!!!!!

Kelly is outside in the truck driving around with Nana getting his steelhead license and finding some boots at VV. He also picked up Tman a little fishing vest. I can't wait to see the vest. I also can't wait for the chocolate that he is going to bring home.

So I am going to start taking the desk apart and bring it downstairs and see if I feel like putting it back together.....either that or I am going to

Which ever comes first. I think I need to find Tman a blanket and turn up the heat as it is chilly in here and he does have a fever. Poor thing, coughing and fever. It seems like every 2-3 weeks he has a cough and sniffles and I think he has something icky with his lungs. It also sucks cause he is very whiny when he is like this. Very whiny and it is noooooooo fun.

Oh darn I just remembered that I have to type out the minutes from the last PAC meeting. I will do that tomorrow. Monday is a day to be at the school, and so is Friday and Tuesday night. Wednesday night is church. Wow another busy

Well I am sad I can't talk to Tink or Tami, but tis ok, I am sure they will be around soon.

I shall go for now, Ciao.

Well I think I have it figured out. I got all the links there now. I am sure I am going to organize them to websites, and kit sites and stuff like that.

Got a chance to chat with my Rumateers for a bit today, so that was good. Too bad Amy doesn't have msn, cause she would be so much fun to chat with. Especially with Tink and Tami at the same time.

I have a pictue included here of the room that used to be my scrapbook room(it is actually 5x worse than this). Yup it is a mess, but I tell ya after next week it will all be away in the orange room. (picture to come) It won't be so bad as I will be doing some some sketches and painting them in acrylics. I have a few cute ones and can't wait to get the desk in....tomorrow I hope, and start putting things away, and sorting thru things.

I have so much stuff that I know I am going to be getting rid of lots.

We are going to be moving the oak table upstairs down to Kelly's room so that will bring more room to the middle of the house and the one desk upstairs will get the hutch thing for the desks and Teryn's room will get a desk

The eating area will stay the same but have things moved around a bit and the dining area will have a new rug and new table and chairs that have been aching to get out of the
Well I am going to a girlfriends (5 doors down) for coffee in the morning so since it is 2 am I should get to bed.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Oh my goodness!!!!!
I added some links and then I check my blog and hello where did they go???????
So I have my scraproom painted, and YES Tami, I have found my camera cord, so I will be posting pictures. Room before painting and painted and of course.....popcorn day. Now I haven't done a layout yet, but you can see what we do.
So I went to the doctors yesterday and bawled like a baby.....I tell ya, this menopause stuff is something amazing. I am so worried that we are not going to be able to find a solution to the effect estrogen has on me. Like what if I am allergic? Eeeeek....poor Kelly will be pushing me around in a wheelchair cause I am breaking bones due to no estrogen.
Well Tami is scrappin', but looks like she signed in. Maybe, just maybe I will get a chance to talk to her....oooops chat. Ooooooh and there is Tink! I am signing out! Ciao.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Here it is Tuesday. Wow what a day.
Moms group this morning, but Ariana and I went shopping first to get her lunch and yup got Teryn one to, even though he didn't go to pre-school today.
Mom's was great. I could totally realate to our guest speaker. It is great to know that I am not the only one that has those feelings, and still has down days. Yesterday was horrible. I had wanted our Kids Club books to work out so bad and the whole day and nothing. I came home and Kelly was in a bad mood and I just cried and cried and layed down and slept. I was so drained.
Felt better today though so that is cool and the fact that I could switch my blog over to the new one is even better. ROCKIN' I would say!

I still need to finish printing off some more of the books so I am going to do that tomorrow morning after I drop off Ariana, but we will see. I also have to hand out PAC flyers to the teachers for the students and put them up in the windows.....we so need these to go out.

Well I am off for the night. I shall return, as tomorrow will be another dream I can't wait to venture into.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday, January 21, 2007

So here I am chatting with Tami and Tink and they want me to update my blog. So here I am, another year later adding stuff to the blog and letting you all know that I am still alive and well. So far.....LOL
This is a digital layout I did of my daughter over a year ago. I know that here on the site I haven't put (posted) some of these layouts on my forums, but I will get them there.

I think here, I am going to add some random thoughts, as Tink had suggested. Cause I tell ya sometimes I really wonder things and also have the weirdest things enter my mind at silly moments.

Thoughts : why is it when I am driving in my car that I think of these random thoughts and start laughing....especially about the dog licking you when you have your mouth open.....when actually I meant you have your mouth open and they lick you in the

So I am hoping I am officially part of the Rumateers.....doesn't that sound awesome!!!! Gotta love it.

Well I am off cause I gotta get some work done and continue to chat with my girls. Ciao.