Sunday, January 18, 2009


The design team for A Page At A Time have released their January 2009 layouts and cards.
Such beautiful work from some amazing and talented women.
Check it out here-------> What's New at A Page At A Time


My good friend Hippy_Chick is looking for 4 ladies to help with her sketch blog. Her sketches are just AMAZING!!!!!!! She is also a wonderful woman and so much fun.
Go here to check out the requirements ---------->MISS HIPPY CHICK

Monday, December 29, 2008


It has been months since I updated

silly me, I know.

I thought I would share a digital layout I did the other night for now and then when I get the chance come and fix up, catch up and just plain ole fart around with this blog


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I haven't been on here in ages, but I can see that I will be on here much more as I am going to be keeping up my blogging on my new geocaching site, so I will do it here to.
I also want to start a family blog, but I am sure that will be a part of the caching site....or maybe not.
I also need to upload some other layouts as I have tons.
I have been more into altering lately, and having a lot of fun doing that, so will post that as well.
Going to a sleep over on Friday at Urban Trends....can't wait.
Well I am off to start my caching blog....till later....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What a night

Tonight was our Strata AGM. The night went very well actually and the votes were either for or against....and there were no

The management person running the meeting was great, but I noticed an underlying tone of attitude when she talked to people...only prob was....she used it with me. So of course, here is Dusty...."Don't you be using attitude with me". LOL Couldn't help it, as I call it like I see it. Poor Kelly was embarrassed, but I reminded him that he married me for my strength, not for my looks.....LMBO....of course it was my looks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Things are going well and I am doing fine, and getting along during this Spring Break without wanting to choke the children....hee hee

Not much is new except a wonderful visit at the park with friends today. It was wonderful to hear from Katrina that she enjoys visiting with me. It made me feel good.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well who would have thought that going for a 10 minute ride with your husband on a quad and then 5 mins after that going for another 20 minute ride with a girlfriend would give you such a thigh workout????? I sure didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like I have ridden a horse for the whole day!! I haven't felt like this in a long shows ya how long ago I exercised...hee hee j/k
Poor hubby, as throughout the whole ride I was screeching, high little squeels every time we went over a bump. It was so funny and everyone was laughing at us.
When I went with Nadia, oh it was awesome! Only thing was when we were going over the jumps, I didn't have the footholds out so I kept sliding into her, so I finally got the footholds down and that was much better. Plus, not wearing a proper bra didn't help 'the ladies' much...they was doing their own thing....LMBO!!!!!!!!
All in all we had a blast, can't wait till we go again!
I am gonna have to take a shower soon as I wanna get cosy in bed and can't do so until I clean my hair - smell of the fire we had - and I don't want my PINK santin sheets to get smelly.
So I went to the Fiber Fest yesterday and wow that was cool....also got a WONDERFUL surprise in our bank account. We had borrowed some cash to pay off some debt and how wonderful it is basically paid off (the cash we borrowed)! The Lord is blessing us that is for sure. I worked up in Sunday School today and it was wonderful to see their little faces again. Two weeks seems so long to be away from them. I just love them all.
Well I shall sign off....My cat Smudge is getting in my way and Milly is sleeping on my side of the bed. What is unusual is that Smudge is laying right near Milly and she normally will come over and sniff and then walk the other way. Ah Milly doesn't care, she is OUT!!! Probably the fresh

Well I am off,
Dustanne not buy $60 jeans and then go to muddy Peg Leg (the place we were riding the quads). My $60 jeans aren't so black anymore...hee hee Ah tis ok....we have spray and wash.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Well again it has been awhile. I guess I should upload some of the facinating stuff I have been working on...ha ha
I have done some scrapping and some altering, just remind me to get it up here to show off.

Been kind of a loner lately, just doing my own stuff, whether it be at home or at the school. I have been crocheting more in my down times and now watching all my 'shows' at an earlier hour so that I can crash earlier than 12-3 am. Though I haven't been sleeping lately. Crazy I know. Come the weekend, I am sure I am going to crash sometime on Saturday and then wake up Sunday morning for Sunday School. (the sometime on Saturday....I probably just won't get out of bed) I usually crash Sunday after church, but we are going to the Vedder (?) River on a sandbar in the middle of the river (yes the water is down) and we are going to be riding some quads and have a HUGE fire and hot chocolate (well decaf tea for me) and roast some hot dogs, smokies, for the kids......well how can ya have a fire without the marshmallows......I may even pick up some stuff to make smores (though I think they are gross)
The last time we went it was so much fun and so windy. I had brought all the hats and mitts and I had on two huge jackets, a sweater AND a I was warm. I even got to drive one of the was a lot of fun, though it was my first time and I was a little scared that I would tip it or
So I am looking forward to that this coming Sunday.
Usually I am cropping (another word for scrapbooking) at Theresa's store - Urban Trends Scrapbooking on Friday nights. Last few times has been a blast though I did miss the last all day crop :o( cause I went away that weekend, but hey, there will be more.
I will be attending the BC Crop for Kids coming in September and am looking so forward to it, as it is being held at the Ramada Inn here in Abbotsford. I had so much fun last year, even if it was held in Coquitlam.

Well I am off, just thought I would post an update and I will be sure to get some of my new stuff up and shown off.
Y'all all take care!

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh my goodness it is the end of January....and well not much is new.
I am tired tired tired and right now I am sick, so even more
My syatica is really bad and is coming and going more now then ever, crazy.
I still scrapbook and alter things and have some layouts and stuff to put up, but I am also getting into crochet again. I have always known how to do the basic stitch, but have decided to take it a step further....learn more and most of all, learn and follow a pattern. I am stoked.
I haven't been to see the girls at PP in awhile and I miss them tons...but will get there soon and chat it up with them.
Well I am off for now as my butt is hurting and sounds like hubby and the kids are