Sunday, March 09, 2008

Well who would have thought that going for a 10 minute ride with your husband on a quad and then 5 mins after that going for another 20 minute ride with a girlfriend would give you such a thigh workout????? I sure didn't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like I have ridden a horse for the whole day!! I haven't felt like this in a long shows ya how long ago I exercised...hee hee j/k
Poor hubby, as throughout the whole ride I was screeching, high little squeels every time we went over a bump. It was so funny and everyone was laughing at us.
When I went with Nadia, oh it was awesome! Only thing was when we were going over the jumps, I didn't have the footholds out so I kept sliding into her, so I finally got the footholds down and that was much better. Plus, not wearing a proper bra didn't help 'the ladies' much...they was doing their own thing....LMBO!!!!!!!!
All in all we had a blast, can't wait till we go again!
I am gonna have to take a shower soon as I wanna get cosy in bed and can't do so until I clean my hair - smell of the fire we had - and I don't want my PINK santin sheets to get smelly.
So I went to the Fiber Fest yesterday and wow that was cool....also got a WONDERFUL surprise in our bank account. We had borrowed some cash to pay off some debt and how wonderful it is basically paid off (the cash we borrowed)! The Lord is blessing us that is for sure. I worked up in Sunday School today and it was wonderful to see their little faces again. Two weeks seems so long to be away from them. I just love them all.
Well I shall sign off....My cat Smudge is getting in my way and Milly is sleeping on my side of the bed. What is unusual is that Smudge is laying right near Milly and she normally will come over and sniff and then walk the other way. Ah Milly doesn't care, she is OUT!!! Probably the fresh

Well I am off,
Dustanne not buy $60 jeans and then go to muddy Peg Leg (the place we were riding the quads). My $60 jeans aren't so black anymore...hee hee Ah tis ok....we have spray and wash.