Thursday, March 06, 2008

Well again it has been awhile. I guess I should upload some of the facinating stuff I have been working on...ha ha
I have done some scrapping and some altering, just remind me to get it up here to show off.

Been kind of a loner lately, just doing my own stuff, whether it be at home or at the school. I have been crocheting more in my down times and now watching all my 'shows' at an earlier hour so that I can crash earlier than 12-3 am. Though I haven't been sleeping lately. Crazy I know. Come the weekend, I am sure I am going to crash sometime on Saturday and then wake up Sunday morning for Sunday School. (the sometime on Saturday....I probably just won't get out of bed) I usually crash Sunday after church, but we are going to the Vedder (?) River on a sandbar in the middle of the river (yes the water is down) and we are going to be riding some quads and have a HUGE fire and hot chocolate (well decaf tea for me) and roast some hot dogs, smokies, for the kids......well how can ya have a fire without the marshmallows......I may even pick up some stuff to make smores (though I think they are gross)
The last time we went it was so much fun and so windy. I had brought all the hats and mitts and I had on two huge jackets, a sweater AND a I was warm. I even got to drive one of the was a lot of fun, though it was my first time and I was a little scared that I would tip it or
So I am looking forward to that this coming Sunday.
Usually I am cropping (another word for scrapbooking) at Theresa's store - Urban Trends Scrapbooking on Friday nights. Last few times has been a blast though I did miss the last all day crop :o( cause I went away that weekend, but hey, there will be more.
I will be attending the BC Crop for Kids coming in September and am looking so forward to it, as it is being held at the Ramada Inn here in Abbotsford. I had so much fun last year, even if it was held in Coquitlam.

Well I am off, just thought I would post an update and I will be sure to get some of my new stuff up and shown off.
Y'all all take care!